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Many home fires start with something simple like a BBQ mishap or other small incident and could be extinguished by the homeowner, before it turns into a huge disaster for fire professionals. A standard fire extinguisher is adequate for small kitchen fires, but a larger fire requires more drastic intervention. With the FireFighter1 system, homeowners who have a pool can now use their pool water to quickly control a house fire before it’s too late.

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The average home swimming pool has around 25,000 gallons of water and the FireFighter1 can deploy more than a gallon of that water per second, in a controlled spray that can reach 40 feet. By connecting to your pool pump, FireFighter1 Systems can be used to put out an active property fire before it spreads and creates a wildfire, or to create a barrier around your property if a wildfire is approaching. It’s definitely a product you hope to never use, but could end up being the best purchase you’ve ever made if you do.

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FireFighter1 Hose Kits include a 1.5″ nylon fire hose with an adjustable nozzle, an adapter to quickly connect the hose to your pool piping, a protective case to store the folded hose for easy expansion during use, and a 3-Way diverter required for installation. Hoses are available in 50ft and 100ft lengths, and hoses can be connected to create any length you need.

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Detailed installation instruction and pictures are available on the FireFighter1 website ( if you are handy, or you can have a licensed contractor or local pool service provider do the install. FireFighter1 Systems can also help property owners meet insurance water requirements. It is recommended that you test the system a couple times per year, ideally before fire season and every winter.

Bianca Whittenberg

FireFighter1 Founder

California based entrepreneur Bianca Wittenberg is the founder of FireFighter1 and currently serves as the CEO and Lead Product Developer. She also owns a residential real estate company called Own It Real Estate and is an Operations Manager and Broker at IBMC Lending. Bianca owned a Synthetic Lawns and Landscaping business called All Play Lawns LLC until 2009, and even worked as an Air Traffic Control Specialist for the United States Department of Defense.

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