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You never know when and where and how that idea will come to you. The concept behind HAVEN Locks occurred to Alex Bertelli when he was a helicopter pilot flying for Army Special Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. He saw that insurgents were fortifying their homes and compounds by welding steel bars at the bottom, middle, and top of the doors. After eight years, nine deployments and many commendations, including the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Bronze Star with Valor, Alex left the Army and prepared to use his MBA in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Operations from the University of North Carolina to go into business. He met Clay Banks, and together they founded HAVEN Locks based on Alex’s ideas. Clay, with a BS in Communications and Advertising from the University of Tennessee, had already been named as one of the “Top 40 under 40” by Development Counselors International and successfully had started or co-founded three small companies. From the beginning, their mission was to create jobs for Americans to produce high-quality, reliable American-made products. HAVEN products are designed, tested and manufactured in Tennessee by veterans and skilled local craftsmen.

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The HAVEN Lock withstands ax, boot, battering ram, and SWAT team (if you think they may be stopping by your house). It is more effective than a bar, chain, swing lock and 10 times stronger than a deadbolt. The lock is constructed of military-grade steel and nylon and industrial-strength polycarbonates and uses a simple, but uniquely designed, wedge to protect a door from intrusion. Other locks secure the door to the frame; HAVEN is anchored to the floor, engaging with the bottom of your door and reinforcing the entire width of it. The locking mechanism flexes and absorbs the force of an attempted home invasion, using the criminal’s energy against him or her.

All that and you can also install it yourself. Use the template enclosed with the lock to mark where the mounting screws go and drill. That’s all there is to it.

There are various models of HAVEN Lock depending on your needs:

The HAVEN Mech is foot-activated. Lock and unlock the door while inside your home. Step on the right pedal to lock. Step on the lift wedge to unlock. No worries about a child or pet inadvertently locking or unlocking it; it is calibrated for an adult to operate.

The HAVEN Connect is Bluetooth-enabled. You can control the lock from anywhere with a key fob or mobile app. When you aren’t home, you can let in guests, deliveries or service professionals and lock up when they leave. You can also send digital keys to family and friends to use while they are visiting. And, if you wish, when you are inside the house, you can lock and unlock the door with the pedals.

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The HAVEN Lockdown keeps schools and professional buildings safe in accordance with major regulations and safety associations guidelines. Lockdown is Bluetooth-controlled and has all the control options that implies. Lockdown Pro detects and prevents a break-in for a single classroom or office. Lockdown Pro HQ is much more elaborate customized security system for the whole school campus or an entire building. Each room has a lock that is connected to a central hub. With a touch of a button, the whole system will be locked down.

HAVEN Locks supports the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. They donate a percentage of their profits so that SOWF can provide scholarships and support for the children and families of fallen Special Ops service members and immediate financial assistance to those members who have been severely wounded.

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