Kanga Koozie Cooler For Cases

It didn’t take the five guys long to come up with a problem. There they were, at a tailgate party, waiting to cheer on their beloved Clemson Tigers and—What?!-—drinking warm beer. Sure, they had coolers, but they were big and bulky and heavy as heck filled with ice. Better to pick up a cold case at a convenience store. If you’re okay with warm beer. A professor had assigned the friends a group project: Find a problem and create a solution. So there was the problem—keeping beer (or any beverage) cold without the hassle of ice or a heavy cooler. And then, just like that, they had an idea for the solution. They noticed a guy take a beer out of a cooler and put it into a koozie. Why not a koozie for a case instead of a can!

That’s how the five became Kanga, LLC: Logan LaMance, CEO; Austin Maxwell, Sales; Ryan Frazier, Operations; Teddy Giard, Branding; Kyle Self, E-Commerce. A “motley crew” formed at Clemson University: business majors, an engineer, photographer, graphic designer and resident hippie—each of whom had been a successful entrepreneur while still in college.

Their solution to the heavy, cumbersome cooler; the expense and bother of replenishing ice; and the bone-chilling plunge of a hand in search of a can was the Kanga Kase Mate, an insulated sleeve that wraps around a cold case of your go-to beverage. On the inside, a three-layer laminate keeps cold in and heat out. On the outside is a durable, water-resistant polyester that holds up no matter what the weather. A small flap on the top of the cooler allows easy access to the beverages while minimizing the chance of the cold escaping. A heavy duty zipper creates a durable seal, and a nylon webbed handle is both strong and comfortable. The Kase Mate itself is very lightweight. The cooler plus a 24-pack weighs about 18 pounds.

Kanga Koozie Cooler For Packs From Shark Tank 2

All you have to do is “Slip, Zip, Sip”! Take a 12-, 24- or 30-pack of your favorite beverage out of the fridge and slide it into the “pouch” of the Kase Mate. Zip it closed. Lift the top flap and open the beverage case so that you can grab a can as needed. Then enjoy that first cold sip!

The guys had the Kase Mate tested by a third party who determined it would keep beverages cold for seven hours! That is, of course, dependent on the drinks being cold in the first place. You can add to that time by putting the Kase Mate into the freezer for a couple hours before using it.

Compared to the utilitarian appearance of traditional coolers, the Kase Mate is an absolute fashion statement! Great colors and inventive designs add artistry to the superb functionality. There is a special limited edition Kase Mate, “The Riptide,” in honor of their appearance on Shark Tank. In fact, the Kase Mate can be customized with any company’s colors and logo when 500 or more units are ordered. They make great gifts at trade shows, any company-sponsored event or to reward employees for a job well done.


Shark Tank Air Date: 4/7/19 – Season 10 – Episode 18


Kanga Koozie Cooler For Packs From Shark Tank 3

Kanga Koozie Cooler For Packs From Shark Tank 4

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