Lockerbones Help Organize Messy Lockers

It’s tough to keep students organized. The worst of it is their school locker. When rushing between classes their books, papers and random junk gets thrown in, making it impossible to find what they need. A disorganized locker leads to lost homework, being late for class and failing grades.

The LockerBones Locker Organization System contains everything that students need to keep a locker clean and organized. The standard version comes with two sides, two full shelves, a vertical divider, and two 6” shelves. A deluxe version is available as well giving them an extra full shelf, vertical divider and 6” shelf.

There are so many options that students can configure LockerBones to fit practically anything. Use one divider for papers and folders, one for large books, make a cubby for a cell phone and other small items and another for pencils, calculators and anything else that students might need. The LockerBones system allows students to create up to 7 different sections in their locker.

Installation is easy too. LockerBones uses a fully adjustable track system and fits any school locker. No tools are needed. The entire system is self-supporting. There is no need to actually attach it to the locker, keeping school administrators happy. LockerBones can be removed just as easily as it was installed.

Other locker organizers fall short of the incredible LockerBones locker organization system. Others are flimsy and offer minimal customization. Some are nothing more than a simple shelf that sits on the bottom of the locker. None are as sturdy, as customizable, or offer as many individual sections as LockerBones. Students love it. It goes viral anytime it’s introduced in a new school.

LockerBones is available in wood or plastic and fits 12” or 15” lockers. The plastic versions come in royal blue, hot pink and black. A version is available for half-height lockers as well.

LockerBones fits any locker in practically any combination. There’s nothing else like it on the market

UPDATE: Lockerbones is no longer in business.

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