Mighty Carver Turkey Chainsaw

A chainsaw. A cabin in the woods. A forlorn family silently gathered around a dining table. A missing grandfather. Do we cue the screeching violins? No. This is not a horror story. It is 
“The Invention of the Mighty Carver.” Nothing scary about that.

Kim and Lance Burney and family were at their cabin on a mountaintop in Montana. The trees and bushes needed to be trimmed, and family members fought over who would do it. Grown people begging, “My turn! My turn!” Because everyone liked “playing” with the chainsaw.

Fade to Thanksgiving dinner. It’s the first Thanksgiving since Grandpa passed away. Grandpa was official turkey carver, and he was an artiste with his electric knife. So there was the turkey. There was the knife. And there was the family sitting around the table, each one pretending to be invisible. No one made a move to carve the turkey. These same people who had been clambering over each other to use the chainsaw. The irony was not lost on Kim. So why not design an electric knife that looks like a chainsaw? And that’s what she did; she invented the Mighty Carver Electric Knife.

Mighty Carver Turkey Chainsaw Shark Tank 4

Kim is the owner and CEO of Lankim LLC DBA Mighty Carver. She has been a powerhouse, taking the Carver from concept to creation, setting up direct-to-consumer sales and wholesale partnerships with the likes of Sharper Image, Ace Hardware, and Grommet. She’s also in charge of marketing: advertising, print material design, web campaigns and trade shows.

Lance is co-owner of Lankim. He is a successful entrepreneur and has owned multiple companies over the past 30 years. Currently, he is President of Sigalarm that produces Proximity Alarm products to keep workers safe from dangerous overhead power lines.

There is nothing new about an electric knife. It was invented in the 1960s. At first, it was a luxury item, then it became standard kitchen gear. The design has changed little in the past 50+ years—until Kim’s Mighty Carver came along.

The Carver is immediately recognizable. It looks like a toy chainsaw at 19 inches long, 5.8 inches wide, and 8.7 inches high. The reciprocating knife has surgical-grade (dishwasher-safe) stainless steel blades with machine-cut, razor-sharp serrated edges. There is a button-activated blade release, a bar release for cleaning, and a stainless steel guide track. The ergonomic handle is comfortable and allows easy control of knife. A carving fork comes in the package.

You can hold it as you would a regular knife with the handle in the back. Or for maximum entertainment value, yours and your guests’, and the complete chainsaw effect, use the top handle. Whether or not you wear the Leatherface mask is entirely up to the tenor of your family’s sense of humor.

Along with being the coolest ever turkey carver, the Mighty Carver can slice thin or thick cuts of meat, precisely, efficiently, and more safely than using a knife.

The Wall Street Journal selected the Carver as the “Most Fun to Use” turkey carver.

Mighty Carver Turkey Chainsaw Shark Tank 2

We keep talking about Thanksgiving turkey, but you will use the Mighty Carver all year round. This is the little chainsaw that could! It cuts any meat, vegetables, bread and rolls, and fruits, including pineapples and melons.

One other problem the Carver solves is what gift to get for the person who has everything!

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Shark Tank Air Date: 11/6/20 – Season 12 – Episode 4


Mighty Carver Turkey Chainsaw Shark Tank 3

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