Paint Brush Cover

Whether you’re a professional or a weekend do-it-yourselfer, one of the hassles of painting has always been what to do with a wet brush. You know how it goes: you’ve been painting all morning and you’re using a brush that’s loaded with paint, when suddenly it’s lunch time and you need to put the brush down for an hour. Do you wash it out, or put it down on a piece of cloth and hope it’s not all sticky and gooey and misshapen when you get back. There’s no good solution — or, there wasn’t until now. That’s because now you can use the Paint Brush Cover, a unique invention that keeps your paintbrush in good shape even if you don’t come back from lunch for hours.

Made of clear, hard, durable plastic, the Paint Brush Cover protects your brush in an airtight seal so that you can pick up the brush again and start fresh. The Paint Brush Cover is made so it fits most brush sizes snugly. The clear plastic lets you see easily if the brush you stored is wet or dry, and there is an environmental bonus because you won’t need to wash huge amounts of paint down the drain every time you clean your brush. Also, the Paint Brush Cover prolongs the life of your brush, which means you won’t be running to the the paint store to buy new brushes all the time.

Do you prefer using rollers? There’s a Paint Roller Cover too, which keeps your roller wet and ready between coats, without washing up. These are welcome additions to the painter’s toolbox!

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