PopSlate Phone Case With Screen

Yashar Behzadi and Greg Moon had an interesting idea, Popslate, a phone case that doubled as an E ink display. Their first prototype wasn’t ideal, so they moved on to Popslate 2: the display was better, the case thinner, and they added a back-up battery and Wallet function. Yashar and Greg raised $1 million dollars on Indiegogo to manufacture the new model.

In the meantime, Apple issued iPhone 7. The case was made for iPhone 6. They were going to have to make a case for each model, which was too expensive, but the crushing blow was that the case failed Apple’s certification testing. The case was made from plastic and glass fibers, which interfered with the phone’s ability to pick up signals.

There was no way the company could survive. The million dollars was gone. The company was dissolved. No products were shipped to the backers nor were refunds issued. Adding insult to injury, Yasher and Greg’s attitude seemed to be “Too bad, so sad.” They refused to offer further explanation. Understandably, their backers were not happy campers.

PopSlate is no longer in business.

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