Prepdeck Meal Prep Station

Many people love to cook. There aren’t many (any?) that “love” to clean up afterward. What if there were a way to keep all the ingredients, bowls and utensils organized while cooking? What if the mess could be contained to one 21” wide space rather than strewn around the kitchen? What if clean-up could be done lickety-split? All those things are now possible—the Prepdeck is here!

Alexander Eburn loved to cook. Cleaning up was a necessary evil. So was the time wasted searching for the ingredients and tools he needed as the pot boiled over and the meat burned. He needed to find a solution.

He remembered “mise en place,” the French term for “everything in its place,” one of the first lessons taught in culinary schools: organize the tools and prep the ingredients before getting down to the actual meal preparation. Watch TV chefs. They are never frantic, unable to get their hands on the diced mushrooms or the garlic press. Alexander wanted a solution specifically designed for amateur chefs.

Prepdeck Meal Prep Shark Tank 3

After a year of trial and error, Alexander produced the Prepdeck that would allow cooks to gather, measure and chop before turning on the stove. To see if other cooks would be as excited as he, he posted the Prepdeck on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website. Lots of cooks were excited—more than 5,000! He raised much more money than he had requested. With that kind of encouragement, Alexander quit his job as CEO of EcoSmart Fire, a company that creates eco-friendly, yet elegant, fireplaces and fire pits. He then built a world-class team of passionate home cooks to make the best Prepdeck possible to make cooking faster, more fun and less stressful.

Think about being able to plan your meals for the week ahead of time, so you can get right to the fun and satisfying part of cooking after a busy work day. Prep and clean up once instead of every evening.

Alexander and his team were selected as Amazon’s “Innovator of the Year” and secured a partnership with the New York Times Cooking subscription service.

The Prepdeck Systems

Prepdecks come in a progressively more elaborate units that can be bought in “bundles” or as individual accessories purchased separately. See the examples below.

Prepdeck is the original unit, sleek and compact, easily fitting on a countertop at 21.4” long x 6.5” wide x 6.3” high that contains 45 high-quality accessories.

  • 15 containers in 4 versatile sizes (2 tablespoons, ¼ cup, 1 cup, and 2.5 cups) with air-tight lids designed to stack for convenient storage in the refrigerator
  • Foldable 21.4” x 12” cutting board that doubles as the cover for the Prepdeck unit, magnetically attached for easy removal and cleaning
  • Accessory drawer on the left side of the unit stacked with every prepping tool you can imagine: julienne slicer, can and bottle opener, herb stripper, vegetable peeler, garlic crusher, juicer, zester and grater
  • Innovative scrap bin tucked away on the right side to collect food scraps that slides out for easy emptying

Prepdeck Meal Prep Shark Tank 2

Prepdeck Plus
The original Prepdeck with

  • 2 additional large containers with lids
  • Extra-large container with lid
  • Extra cutting board
  • 360 adjustable measuring spoon from ½ teaspoon to 1 tablespoon
  • Tablet/phone stand for reading recipes

Head Chef Prepdeck
This ultimate bundle has all the features of the Prepdeck Plus with

  • Chef Caddy Pro, a modular, portable caddy that holds glass bottles to keep seasonings protected from sunlight, to keep moisture out and seal in flavor
  • 4-Pack Cheat Sheets, oven-safe, non-stick silicone pans with dividers so you can separate your ingredients while prepping or make one pan meals
  • 2-Pack Souper Cubes, trays to freeze and store soups, sauces, and stews, and reheat them in the oven.

PrepdeckGO Travel Bag
Made of canvas and high-quality polyurethane leather so you can pack up the Prepdeck and take it to a picnic, beach cookout, or camping—anywhere you are going to cook away from home.

Prepdeck Commits to Ending Childhood Hunger

Millions of children are going hungry in the US alone, a problem exacerbated by COVID’s effect on the economy. Prepdeck donates $10 for every unit sold to No Kid Hungry and has donated more than 300,000 meals.

Shark Tank Air Date: 03/18/2022 – Season 13 – Episode 16




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