ScreenMend – Patching Solution for Torn Screens

Screens are a pain to replace. It will cost you $30 or more to buy a new screen. If you aren’t a do-it-yourselfer and need someone to install it, expect to pay an additional $100. With a dozen or more window and door screens on the average home, the cost adds up very quickly. In most cases, the screen you’re replacing isn’t destroyed. It just has a small hole or tear in it. Not only are damaged screens unsightly, they also provide bugs and spiders access to your home. If not fixed quickly, you may find yourself with a few unwanted house guests. There are patch kits on the market, but they use traditional adhesives and don’t stick very well.

The Screenmend Screen Patch improves on these patch kits in every way. Screenmend uses wax as an adhesive, making it extremely easy to use and completely waterproof. Traditional adhesives wear out over time. That doesn’t happen with Screenmend. Wax isn’t degraded by the elements. Once applied, the patch stays put.

To use, simply cut the sheet to be slightly larger than the hole you are repairing. Align the patch on the screen and apply heat for 30 seconds using a standard blow dryer. The heat from the blow dryer melts the wax, bonding the patch to your screen. The wax cools in seconds and your screen is fixed. If you need to reposition the patch, it’s easy. Just reheat and adjust as needed.

Screenmend will fix any tear or hole up to 5” by 7”. The patches are available in silver or black to match any existing screens. Once patched, the bond is strong and long-lasting. There’s no need to waste hundreds of dollars on new screens or deal with messy patch kits. Use Screenmend Screen Patches to repair your screens.

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