Scrub Daddy is the cutest and most high-tech scrubbing tool in the world. It’s the greatest kitchen scrubbing tool you’ve ever used because Scrub Daddy completely changes its texture just by adjusting your water temperature. When you need to scour put your Scrub Daddy in cold water and it will become rigid, while still not leaving a scratch. In warm water Scrub Daddy becomes soft and fluffy. Best of all, Scrub Daddy easily rinses clean every time, won’t hold an odor, and is dishwasher safe.

The unique design of Scrub Daddy allows you easily access the bottom of cups, bowls, mugs and even coffee pots. It makes short work of cleaning muffin tins and bakeware, without scratching the nonstick surface. The mouth cleans spoons, knives, forks and spatulas, and makes Scrub Daddy so cute you can even get your kids to do the dishes. You won’t scratch stainless steel appliances or even the wheels of your car, which means Scrub Daddy has unlimited uses indoors and out. Works great on the barbecue and the lawn furniture, or in the bathroom for removing toothpaste and soap scum from bathtubs and showers.

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