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Chris Videau and his wife Laurian had seen our precious planet abused all over the world. Combined, they had 27 years in the military and traveled to 20 countries and saw first-hand the vast amount of plastic polluting both land and sea. Chris had the advantage of a “bird’s eye view” as he piloted a Black Hawk helicopter for the Army.

When the couple settled in North Carolina, Chris wanted to pursue his dual dream of being an entrepreneur and of helping to save the planet for future generations. He especially wanted to do something about the global plastic crisis and narrowed his mission down to plastic laundry detergent jugs—900 million of them are thrown away each year in the US. He recalled using laundry sheets while overseas 20 years prior. They didn’t work well, but it was a place to start. At their sons’ Tee-Ball game, Chris Videau met Chris Campbell, CEO of Capital Management Investments, a firm providing leading-edge solutions to clients. The two like-minded men became friends and then cofounders of Sheets Laundry Club.

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Sheets Laundry Club has developed a more sustainable alternative to traditional liquid detergents, powders and pods. The patented biodegradable sheets are made of pre-measured, dehydrated, plant-based ingredients and dissolve within seconds in the wash. Not only do the sheets save the environment from plastic jugs and harsh chemicals, they also save the consumer time and money.

  • No measuring involved and no heavy jugs, messy liquids or clumpy powder. Simply drop a sheet into the washer, a ½ sheet for real small loads, 3 sheets for extra large loads.
  • For use in hot or cold water.
  • Septic safe and compatible with high-efficiency washing machines that use less water.
  • Tough enough to remove difficult stains, such as grape juice and spaghetti sauce, and gentle enough to use when hand-washing items.
  • Safe for sensitive skin.
  • Vegan friendly—no animal byproducts and no testing on animals.
  • Fully recyclable packaging.

Sheets Laundry Club Shark Tank Products

Full Line of Sheets Laundry Club Products

  • Scent Boosters are powerful mini beads safe for all fabrics and washing machines. Add as many or as few of the beads as you like, depending on how subtle or strong you want the scent. Your laundered items will smell fresh up to 12 weeks. Choose from four scents: Uncharted Waters, Seabreeze, Sandbar or Lavender.
  • Dryer Sheets soften and reduce static in clothes using plant-based softening agents. Scented with essential oils, not artificial fragrances, and are compostable. Scents are the same as in the Scent Boosters.
  • Laundry Starter Set contains two each of Laundry Sheets, Scent Boosters, Dryer Sheets, and Stain Fighters. Makes a great gift for anyone just starting out in their own home.
  • The College Bundle contains one each of Laundry Sheets, Scent Boosters, Dryer Sheets, Deodorant and Handcrafted Soap.
  • Deodorant made from natural, safe, effective ingredients (and without aluminum). Male, female and unisex scents available.
  • Handcrafted Soaps made from olive oil, i.e., Castile soaps, and without lard, tallow or other animal fats. Olive oil contains antioxidants that fight free-radical damage, and plant-based squalene is super hydrating. Castile soap is known for cleaning your skin thoroughly without drying it out and without irritating sensitive skin. The soaps come in a variety of calming, refreshing, uplifting and invigorating scents.
  • Floor Cleaning Sheets are dehydrated, highly concentrated, and safe surfactants (“surface active agents”) combined with lemon essential oil to cut through grease, grime and goo. For use of all floors.
  • Dishwasher Detergent Packs combine three natural and powerful grease-fighting agents. The packs are septic safe, biodegradable, compostable, and free of phosphates and dyes. Place one pack in the detergent tray and close the flap. The dishes come out squeaky clean with no film or residue left behind.

There are flexible subscriptions available for your convenience or you can make as many one-time purchases as you like.

Sheets Laundry Club Charitable Partners

One Tree Planted makes it easier to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate and help reforestation efforts. Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere. The organization has planted 40 million trees in 43 countries since 2014.

Pretty in Pink Foundation ensures that all breast cancer patients in North Carolina receive medical treatment regardless of their ability to pay. Sheets Laundry Club donates $2.50 to the foundation for every purchase of Limited Edition Soap Bars. All donations (100%) are used to help pay for surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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