Snow in Seconds Artificial Snow

Founded by Jonathan Dusing, Snow in Seconds is a Minnesota-based family-owned business specializing in the production of artifical instant snow. This fake snow, made from a powder with super-absorbing properties, resembles real snow in texture and even feels cold to the touch. Safe and non-toxic, the powder transforms by adding water, creating an instant snowy experience.

Snow in Seconds is a synthetic polymer with an extraordinary ability to absorb. Each grain can take in 100 times its size in water, creating fluffy, lifelike snow. This quality not only makes it unique but also practical, as it allows for a substantial amount of snow to be produced from a relatively small quantity of powder.

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Instructions for use are straightforward. A mix of one-quarter cup of water per teaspoon of powder is recommended, with the option to adjust for desired consistency and volume. The powder expands more as more water is added, offering a versatile range for different needs. Snow in Seconds will naturally dehydrate and return to its original state, making it reusable and environmentally friendly.

The product’s use extends beyond personal enjoyment to professional applications. Ski resorts, photo shoots, and movie productions utilize Snow in Seconds for its realistic appearance and ease of clean-up, making it a preferred choice in these industries. The company provides bulk instant snow options, catering to large-scale events and Hollywood productions.

In terms of coverage, Snow in Seconds provides a formula to help customers calculate the required amount for their intended area. This approach assists in planning and ensures efficient use of the product. The company also offers personalized assistance for custom requirements, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Maintenance and disposal are also simple. The product can be swept or vacuumed for cleaning, but should not be washed down the sink due to its absorbing properties. It’s also advised to avoid using the product on untreated wood surfaces.

Snow in Seconds offers a quick, safe, and effective way to create a winter wonderland, regardless of the actual climate or location. Its versatility and ease of use make it a popular choice not just for individuals but also for professionals in various industries. Snow in Seconds is committed to customer satisfaction and environmental safety.

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