Storm Stoppers Window & Door Hurricane Protection

Storm Stoppers are DIY storm window protection for your home. The lightweight hurricane panels are attached without screws or bolts for easy installation and removal.

Storm Stoppers have been 143 mph wind tested at the Wall of Wind Hurricane and Tornado Simulator in Miami, Florida. The Wall of Wind (WOW) testing facility is part of the International Hurricane Research Center at Florida International University. This 143 mph wind test included both positive and negative wind pressure, along with wind-driven rain directed against a specially built testing structure provided by FIU that had Storm Stoppers flush mounted to the windows and door on all 4 sides of the testing structure. At 143 mph, or 126.8 mph on the speed gauge, the 2 ton building was ripped off its bolted-on base and rolled 50 feet away. Despite the extreme wind forces and the catastrophic foundation failure, Storm Stoppers stayed securely attached throughout.

Storm Stoppers Window & Door Hurricane Protection Shark Tank 3

Storm Stoppers were also ASTM E-1996 Large Missile Impact Tested to repel windborne debris in winds up to 130 mph. This windborne debris test is up to a Category 3 Hurricane and the Wind Test is up to a Category 4 Hurricane and EF-03 Tornado.

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