The Table Jack – Table Stabilizer

An eighteen year veteran of the restaurant industry has come up with a solution to a frustrating problem we’ve all experienced, and the number one complaint in his restaurants: wobbly tables. We’ve all folded up a napkin or placed a matchbook under that table leg that is just ever so annoyingly shorter than the others, but now there’s a better way.

shark tank products table jack

The Table Jack is the longest lasting, most cost efficient, durable table stabilizer ever made. It easily operates by pressing a foot activated lever, automatically and quickly stabilizing uneven tables, no matchbook required. The Table Jack kit comes with 3 stationary guides and one small jack that can lift a table leg up to 5/8″ high, for an ever lasting wobble-free experience. The Table Jack is perfect for busy restaurants and bars, and fits most pedestal-style dining tables with four-legged, X-shaped bases.

Update: The Table Jack is no longer available.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/10/2014 – Season 6 – Episode 4




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