The Tomte Cake

The Tomte Cake is the creation of author and illustrator Miranda Vaughn. The concept originated around Christmas of 2020 when Vaughn was discussing favorite holiday traditions with a friend. Though Vaughn enjoyed the tradition of decorating gingerbread houses with her family, she noted several drawbacks – namely that store-bought kits were nearly impossible to assemble, had poor taste, were incredibly wasteful, and sometimes contained questionable ingredients.

The Tomte Cake Shark Tank Pan

As the conversation progressed, Vaughn questioned why no bakery had invented an all-in-one gingerbread house cake pan, that made reasonably portioned gingerbread houses without the frustrating assembly.

In a moment of inspiration two weeks later, the entire concept for The Tomte Cake came to Vaughn all at once during a work trip. A decorative baking pan in a gingerbread house shape accompanied by an original children’s book to enhance the experience and bring the new tradition to life.

As she excitedly relayed the story idea to her children, she jotted down the tale of Tomte the gnome accidentally getting baked into a gingerbread house, using the only available tools – the back pages of a unicorn coloring book and a purple crayon.

The Tomte Cake Shark Tank 2

This narrative evolved into the whimsical children’s book, “The Tomte Cake,” featuring a pocket-sized gnome named Tomte. In the story, Tomte finds himself in a sticky yet delightful predicament when he accidentally becomes part of a gingerbread house. This misadventure ends happily, with Tomte emerging healthy and joyful, bringing good luck to whichever family member finds Tomte in their cake.

To complement the story, Vaughn developed the Tomte Cake pan. The pan was designed to address the limitations of traditional gingerbread house kits, which were often unpalatable, difficult to assemble, and not inclusive for children with food allergies. Made in the USA, the Tomte Cake pan allows families to make their gingerbread houses in one step, eliminating the need for complicated assembly and reducing packaging waste. It provides a fresh, tasty, and hassle-free baking experience, making it a delightful activity for children to decorate their creations.

The Tomte Cake Shark Tank Book

The Tomte Cake invites families to partake in a new holiday tradition: baking a gingerbread house cake with Tomte hidden inside, weaving a story of luck and festivity into the holiday season. The Tomte Cake concept blends storytelling, baking, and family traditions, and fosters a sense of anticipation and surprise. It revives the joy of holiday gingerbread house-making with a novel twist, offering a more inclusive, enjoyable, and engaging experience. By integrating a charming folklore-inspired character with an activity that has tangible and tasty results, Miranda Vaughn’s The Tomte Cake redefines the gingerbread house tradition, making it a source of joy and beautiful memories for families.

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