Vinamor Wine Aerator

Gary DeJohn invented the Vinamor, a wine aerator. Sit the Vinamor in the top of any wine glass. Pour wine into it so that it travels down a glass tube to a sphere, which exposes every angle of the wine to the air, so that it can breathe. The Vinamor softens the tannins, allows the desired flavors to flourish, and prevents any possible sediment or particles from reaching your glass. The wine can be enjoyed immediately compared to the traditional manner of aerating wine: emptying the contents of a wine bottle into a decanter and letting it sit for an hour. Gary had already sold about 1,000 Vinamors to the restaurant guests he had served.

Kevin, the wine connoisseur of the shiver (i.e., group of sharks), tasted a glass of wine not aerated by the Vinamor and one that was. He agreed the latter was much better. He also said there are aerators on the market, and he has all of them. Gary explained the difference: the Vinamor also measures out a glass of wine to prevent over-pouring, and the establishment gets the full profit from each bottle.

Vinamor Wine Aerator Shark Tank 2

Gary left the Tank without a deal, but he sold Vinamors to the producers and some of the sharks, including Kevin.

After his episode aired, Gary received thousands of orders and a bunch of telephone calls from potential investors. He found a better manufacturing deal and lowered the cost of the Vinamor. With it all, Vinamor is alive today but not doing so well. It has its own website, but is no longer sold on Amazon. Gary still owns 100% of the company and remains as CEO, but he is also CEO of a real estate firm.

Shark Tank Air Date: 3/16/2012 – Season 3 – Episode 9



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