Windcatcher Quick Inflating Air Mattress

The new Windcatcher air mattress is poised to revolutionize the way inflatables work. If you saw the demo on Shark Tank, you know how incredible it is – If you missed the show be sure to watch the demo video below.

The problem with traditional air mattresses is the arduous task of blowing them up, one lungful at a time. It’s a time consuming task, that will likely end up in a under inflated mattress and a lightheaded feeling. The typical solution is to use an electric pump to do the inflating. This extra piece of equipment is a pain to carry with you on camping trips and requires a source of power or a charged battery. Some mattresses even have a pump built in, but this adds lots of weight and can still crap out on you, leaving you with no option but to blow the thing up manually.

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The Windcatcher is so simple it’s brilliant, and it makes air mattress pumps completely obsolete. The Windcatcher air mattress inflates with only 4-5 breaths, and can be inflated and deflated easily in a matter of seconds. If you can blow out the candles of a birthday cake then you can blow up the Windcatcher. It requires no special attachments or paraphernalia, and no electric power, you just blow into the large inflation tunnel and your breath pulls 10 times its volume of surrounding air in with it! In short order your mattress is fully inflated and you simply roll up and seal the opening. The mattress never even touches your mouth like those plastic nipple valves that can collect dirt and germs.

Deflating the mattress is just as easy thanks to the oversized valve inside. If you have ever deflated a traditional air mattress you know the routine – open the tiny valve and slowly force all the air out by sitting and stepping on the mattress, then struggle to get the final bit of air out of all the baffles while trying to roll it up for packing. The Windcatcher mattress deflates completely in just a matter of seconds, with no effort required.

Not only is the Windcatcher the worlds easiest inflating air mattress, it’s also built for comfort. The AirPad2 has a 4 inch thick quilted support system inside that will give you all the cushioning you need for a good night’s sleep.

Fully inflated, the Windcatcher AirPad2 measures 74 x 20 x 4”, and rolled up it’s only 8.5 x 4.5 x 4.5”! That pretty small for a mattress, and it weighs under 2 pounds so it’s easy to carry with you. It’s made with 75D Ripstop Polyester laminated with an even stronger layer of thermoplastic polyurethane.

Ryan Frayne, Zeke Camusio, and Rob Stam are the entrepreneurs behind the Windcatcher mattress and Quickstream Inflation design. Ryan saw a need for a better inflation mechanism while watching his brother struggle to inflate a beach toy before finally giving up and throwing the toy down. Ryan did lots of research and experimentation until he came up with a new way to blow up inflatables, and Windcatcher was born.

*The company website is no longer available. This product may be discontinued.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/30/2015 – Season 7 – Episode 6





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