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The problem with most wine preservers is you never know when you’ve pumped enough air out of the bottle, and you never know when air sneaks back in. Typical preservers on the market allow air to seep back inside the bottle within hours or even minutes of preserving. So that very expensive bottle you splurged on is being exposed to destructive oxygen when you think it’s being protected. The Intelli-stopper is the first preserver on the market that uses a visual indicator so you can clearly see that all of your wine is preserved.

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If you see the red indicator that tells you there is still oxygen left in the bottle. Just pump the air out and you’ll see the red indicator disappear. When you see a clear window you know that your wine is safe. Wine will last only two or three days without preservation, but with Wine Doctor by Intelli-Stopper your bottle can last up to two weeks after the cork is popped.

*This product is no longer available.



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