Naturally Perfect Dolls

When Jason and Angelica Sweeting’s young daughter Sophia expressed a dislike for her natural curly hair and brown skin, the couple wanted to do something to help her feel as beautiful as they knew she was. Eight months later, the Angelica Doll was born: an 18” vinyl doll with copper skin and full natural curls. The doll was a hit with Sophia, and the Sweeting’s knew it was time to bring this inclusive and truly beautiful creation to the public.


The Angelica Doll now has a line of equally stunning sisters – Kennedy, Brielle and Camryn. These dolls represent a variety of skin tones not commonly presented at toy stores, with natural hair textures ranging from curly to kinky. The dolls are not only physically beautiful, they also represent a variety of careers that young girls can aspire to. They go beyond tradition to include an engineer, author/screenwriter, activist and entrepreneur.


Each addition to the line of Naturally Perfect Dolls comes to you for less than $100 and features natural hair you and your little one can co-wash and style again and again, just like her own hair! Each doll comes outfitted in her own clothing, designed to match her personality and lifestyle.

Angelica and the rest of the dolls are gifts she’ll truly appreciate, and one you can both play with! Try new styles, explore new life paths, and most importantly, utilize the Naturally Perfect Doll as a true conversation starter. Open her up to accepting her natural beauty now, and help her confront any insecurities she may have.

The Naturally Perfect Dolls launched their Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and raised over $84,000. It’s an incredible start to what is sure to be a magical business for the Sweetings, whose primary objective is to encourage self-love and acceptance.

UPDATE: Naturally Perfect Dolls changed their brand name to Mayzeepedia in 2017. The new website has been abandoned and the company appears to be out of business

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