Pick-Up Bricks LEGO Vacuum

Pick-Up Bricks is a cordless vacuum created for children to collect and clean small toys like LEGO™ bricks. It makes the task of tidying up more appealing to kids, reducing the need for parents to remind them constantly.

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Pick-Up Bricks has a clear dome on top, allowing children to see the toys being collected. This adds an element of fun to the cleaning process. The vacuum is capable of sucking up over 1,000 toy bricks per minute and is designed for easy storage, contributing to a cleaner living space.

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Pick-Up Bricks has a patented multi-stage collection system that separates plastic bricks from dirt, pet hair and dust, cleaning the toys as they are put away. The vacuum also includes removable baskets, which are easy to transport and empty.

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Pick-Up Bricks is focused on safety. It operates cordlessly using a rechargeable battery, minimizing risks associated with wires and plugs. The suction power is calibrated to be strong enough for toy pieces but safe for use around children.

Pick-Up Bricks ensures that toy pieces are collected in the basket, while lighter particles like dust are captured in a separate tray. This tray has a foam filter that prevents these particles from entering the fan motor and recirculating in the room.

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Aurora and Steve Weinstock, parents of three, developed Pick-Up Bricks over four years, creating multiple prototypes and extensively testing with children. Since its launch, Pick-Up Bricks has received attention from many media outlets including The Today Show, Daily Mail, and The Sun.


Shark Tank Air Date: 12/08/2023 – Season 15 – Episode 8




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