Ice Shaker Insulated Protein Shaker Bottle

As a former fullback for the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos, Chris Gronkowski is no stranger to working out and everything that goes along with it. That includes protein drinks, which are typically mixed in shaker bottles with a built-in agitator. When it comes to protein shakes, Chris’ mantra is “drink clean and cold”. Drinking cold helps burn additional calories by speeding up the body’s metabolism, and also makes the shakes taste a whole lot better. While working out at the gym, Chris realized that all his protein shaker bottles had a few fundamental flaws.

ice shaker shark tank

Traditional plastic shaker bottles could mix and hold shakes, but couldn’t keep them ice-cold for any meaningful amount of time. He found that they left rings of condensation everywhere he went, and if the protein was left inside the bottle for too long after a workout he could never wash away the odor. There were plenty of insulated stainless steel bottles available, that could keep drinks cold and won’t absorb odors, but he couldn’t find any that had a built-in mixer for thick protein shakes. He would need to pre-mix his shake and pour it into an insulated bottle. That’s why he decided to create his own, the perfect combination of an insulated bottle and a protein shaker.

Chris launched his first model, The Ice Shaker Classic, in December of 2016. It caught on quickly, becoming a best seller on Amazon and flying off the shelves at GNC and Nutrishop. Chris then reached out to his customers for feedback, and incorporated their suggestions into the new and improved GEN2 Ice Shaker.

Made of kitchen grade stainless steel, the Ice Shaker stays odor free no matter what’s inside, or how long you left it in your gym bag. Even when leftover protein sits for days, the bottle can easily be rinsed of the smell forever. The Ice Shaker is double-walled and vacuum insulated, and can to keep your drink ice-cold for 30 hours in a 75 degree room. The removable agitator can even be used as a fruit infuser.

ice shaker shark tank

Ice Shaker has a spill-proof lid that’s BPA free and a convenient pop-top that holds tight, so there’s no mess when shaking the bottle even if it’s upside down. With a tapered shape that fits standard cup holders and 26-ounce capacity with fill lines for perfect measurements, the Ice Shaker was designed to be the ideal blend of a simple shaker and an insulted cup.

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