Spooner Boards – Balance Board and Downhill Rider

Spooner Boards are a combination of a balance board and a downhill rider similar to a snowboard, except it works on nearly any surface and your feet aren’t locked into the board or restrictive boots. Its highly concave design allows it easily slide downhill on any terrain including grass, dirt, sand, snow, pavement, mud, rocks, and even stairs. Spooner Boards also ride beautifully on ramps like half pipes, bringing you close to a skateboarding experience. For more control when riding downhills, try the Yardboard which comes with a rope attached at both ends, so you can stay on top of the board, control it more easily, and jump, slide and spin.

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As a balance board they’re great for both exercising and performing simple tricks like spinning and kick flips. Spooner Boards are just as fun for adults as young kids and help develop balance, coordination, and motor skills in riders of any skill level. Spooner Boards are made of HDPE high-density polyethylene and are virtually indestructible and guaranteed for life.

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Randy Putland invented the Spooner Board by accident in his San Diego surf shop. When cutting up a plastic dog igloo (doghouse) one of the pieces was shaped like a cross between a skateboard and spoon. When Randy stood on it he realized it’s potential as a toy. The cut-out later was used as a template for the first model of the Spooner Board. In 2011 the Spooner Board was voted Astra’s Best Toys for Kids, Creative Child’s Toy of the Year, and Learning Express’s Best New Vendor and Most Innovative Product!


Shark Tank Air Date: 5/6/16 – Season 7 – Episode 27




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