Bubbly Blaster Champagne Sprayer Gun

Champagne is the universal drink of celebration. But you don’t always need to drink it to celebrate. You can break a bottle of champagne over the bow of a ship, or throw a glass of champagne on the floor at a Russian wedding. If you are in Sweden, you may see people “sinking,” pouring champagne into the sink. If you are rich and famous and ultra-glamorous, you may bathe in it (e.g., Marilyn Monroe). Spraying champagne seems to have begun in 1967 at the “24 Hours of Le Mans,” the prestigious sports car race in France. The American who won the race accepted the usual bottle of Moet & Chandon, shook it up, and opened it, spraying himself and everyone else. A photographer memorialized the occasion and, since then, spraying champagne is a regular part of sports celebrations. Bono adopted the same tradition to end U2 concerts.

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Stason Strong and Bradley Hall are taking champagne celebrations to a whole new level with their Bubbly Blaster, the world’s first alcohol-powered squirt gun. Do we ever get over the water guns of our youth? Now we have a “champagne gun” to play with.

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Stason dreamed up and invented the Bubbly Blaster in his garage, just for the fun of it. He is a serial inventor and entrepreneur as well as a designer and artist with a long list of online startups and patents under his belt. He found a Bubbly Blaster believer in Bradley Hall, and the two joined forces to bring the novelty product to market. Bradley is also a serial entrepreneur after a stint in corporate healthcare and as Vice President of Operations for a national home infusion provider.

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How the Bubbly Blaster Works

Carbonation in champagne occurs naturally from the fermentation of yeast. The Bubbly Blaster uses the carbonation to build up gas pressure above the liquid when the bottle is turned upside-down, forcing the champagne out of the neck of the bottle and the Bubbly Blaster’s handle. With the patented sealing system, throttling trigger and specific pressure drop created by the shape of the nozzle, you have an easy-to-use champagne sprayer.

Attaching the Blaster is as easy as one, two, three. One, pop it into the bottle. Two, snap it down. Three, turn the bottle upside-down. Then you are ready to aim and fire! The Blaster attaches to all full-size (750 ml) champagne bottles and most 375 ml and 1000 ml bottles. Of course, all bottle openings cannot be exactly the same size, so there is an adjustment system. If the Blaster is too small or too large for an opening, adjust the nut at the top of the sealing system so that the seal is tight.

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Features of the Bubbly Blaster

  • The body, handle and interior parts of the Bubbly Blaster are made out of high-quality, food-safe aluminum and brass. The bottle sealing system is made out of food-safe rubber and hard plastic.
  • The throttle has contoured finger grips for secure and comfortable handling with one hand.
  • The throttle trigger gives the user full control, from a thin stream of champagne to the full blast, for close up and far away—up to 30 feet, depending on the temperature, how effervescent the champagne, how wild you get when shaking the bottle. You have the chance to be the “rock star” bartender. Spray the champagne into flutes or right into your guests’ mouths. Have an annual Bubbly Blaster tournament for accuracy.
  • The Blaster comes in an attractive variety of colors: gold, rose gold, black, white and hot pink.

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One of the best features of the Bubbly Blaster is that it completely seals in the champagne when you’re not spraying it. Place a partially used bottle in the fridge with the Blaster still attached and you’ll still have fresh, bubbly champagne the next day. (Champagne, like all wines, should be finished within a few days after being opened.)

If you cannot resist memorializing the fun, the Blaster has a GoPro-compatible video mount and a universal smartphone cradle.

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