Influencers in the Wild Board Game

The world of social media influencers is often seen as glamorous, filled with travel, designer clothes, and luxurious experiences. However, a new board game called “Influencers in the Wild” aims to showcase the often bizarre and comical side of the industry. Developed by George “Tank” Resch, a social media star in his own right, the game provides a satirical look into the lives of influencers and their pursuit of internet fame.

“Influencers in the Wild” is a lighthearted, adult-themed board game designed for ages 17 and up. The game follows a simple yet entertaining structure, where each player starts with a base of 100,000 followers. Players then take turns rolling the die and moving along the board, completing challenges, earning rewards, and facing penalties that reflect the reality of an influencer’s life. The ultimate goal is to reach the “big pink wall” in Los Angeles, a popular Instagram-worthy destination.

Influencers In The Wild Board Game Shark Tank 2

The inspiration for the board game can be traced back to the “Influencers in the Wild” Instagram account, which was created by Resch in November 2020. The account features hilarious, candid moments of influencers in action, often going to great lengths to capture the perfect photo or video. Resch’s intention was to expose the absurdity of some content creators’ actions, emphasizing how simple photos no longer seem to suffice in the pursuit of online attention.

The “Influencers in the Wild” concept was born in late 2019 when Resch witnessed a girl climbing a tree in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park just to take a photo. This encounter led Resch to further explore the behind-the-scenes world of influencers, highlighting the lengths some individuals will go to for the sake of a captivating social media post. The Instagram account quickly gained popularity, amassing nearly 6.7 million followers across various platforms, including TikTok and Twitter. Celebrities such as Mark Zuckerberg, Awkwafina, and Drew Barrymore have been known to follow the account.

Resch, who has been deeply involved in social media for the past four years, believes that the best videos showcase influencers completely absorbed in their own world, seemingly oblivious to those around them. He notes that the lack of self-consciousness displayed by many creators today would have been seen as alien just a decade ago. Now, however, such behavior has become normalized.

As the “Influencers in the Wild” brand continues to grow, Resch plans to expand into other forms of media, including a podcast. The board game, meanwhile, provides an opportunity for players to engage in self-deprecating humor and friendly competition, while also poking fun at the influencer lifestyle. By showcasing the realities of content creation in a humorous and relatable manner, “Influencers in the Wild” reminds us that internet fame often comes with its own set of absurdities and challenges.

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