JIGGY Jigsaw Puzzles

JIGGY puzzles was founded by Kaylin Marcotte in 2015. Kaylin was working long hours at a startup and using jigsaw puzzles as a way to unwind each night and relieve stress. The activity of putting the puzzle together was enjoyable, but the finished product was typically a very commercial and outdated design. Not the kind of image she would hang on a wall, but instead just dissemble and put back in its box.

Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles Shark Tank 3

This was the inspiration for JIGGY: puzzles that are intended to be displayed as artwork and even framed. JIGGY puzzles highlight art by emerging female artists from around the world and a percentage of every sale goes directly to the artist.

Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles Shark Tank 2

How to Display Your Completed Puzzle

Each Jiggy puzzle comes with the simple tools you need to preserve your masterpiece long after the last piece is in place:

  • Make sure your puzzle is on a hard, flat surface. The glue won’t seep through to the other side but you do want to get it close to the edges. You can put down a tarp or trash bag underneath if you’re not one to color inside the lines.
  • Using your tube of JIGGY puzzle glue, create a thick line of glue along one side of the puzzle.
  • Use the included gold straight edge to spread the glue from one side to the other, with enough pressure to get the glue in between the pieces and avoid pooling.
  • Continue spreading the glue in long strokes, from each side, until the puzzle is covered. The glue works by sealing between the pieces, so for best results, avoid leaving a thick layer on the surface. Make sure it’s in between the pieces and remove any excess.
  • Allow to dry for 12-24 hours.


Shark Tank Air Date: 4/23/2021 – Season 12 – Episode 22




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