The NoPhone – Fake Phone For Cell Phone Addicts

Do you feel lost and naked without constant access to your messages, emails, and apps? Do you ask your phone questions like it’s a person? Do you feel the need to share what you ordered for dinner on Instagram and Yelp? Have you ever texted someone in the same house? If this behavior sounds familiar, you may be one of the millions of victims of cell phone addiction. Luckily there is a way out. Before checking yourself into cell phone rehab (a real thing) you may want to try a NoPhone.

Get a classic NoPhone and enjoy the feel of the real phone and with none of the alluring features including no camera, no music, no screen and of course, no phone. Upgrade to the Selfie NoPhone with a mirrored front and you can continue to accommodate your vanity, or keep things as simple as possible with the NoPhone Zero, the least advanced phone ever made. This version is so basic it doesn’t even have fake buttons. It is literally just a flat slab of plastic.

This device also comes in packs for groups of all sizes. Tackle digital addiction as a couple with The Couple’s Cure pack in Classic, Selfie and Zero editions. Let the whole family join in with The Family Plan, or enforce the no-phone workplace with The Employee Gift Pack. Whatever your needs, there’s a NoPhone for you.

Absolutely NO Features Including…

  • No camera
  • No music
  • No email
  • No wifi
  • No screen
  • No texts
  • No way to take selfies

The Revolutionary NoPhone…

  • 100% waterproof
  • Never needs charging
  • No data overages
  • Does not comprise your personal info
  • Untraceable
  • Never needs upgrades or updates
  • Secure and hack-proof
  • Completely safe to drop
  • Sitting on it is just fine
  • Unlikely to be stolen

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