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Making and playing with slime is a great way for kids to learn that science can be fun. It’s squishy and stretchy and gooey. There is glitter slime, marshmallow-like slime, slime with foam beads that pop, and even glow-in-the-dark slime. Why wouldn’t kids love it?

Sarah McDermott and Shannon Valko were happy that their daughters spent a lot of time playing with slime. They enjoyed seeing the girls having fun and being creative. But then there was the matter of cleaning up when they were done. They also found that not all slime is created equal. Some brands didn’t work well at all. Some were eventually recalled because they were toxic. So they put their very savvy heads together and came up with Seriously Slime. Mission: To put more joy into the world one bowl of slime at a time.

Seriously Slime Shark Tank kids

Both women are experienced entrepreneurs. Shannon owns and operates Little Beans Cafe with a safe, imaginative play village for the kids and a comfortable place for parents or caregivers to have a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. She also advises small business owners on growth strategies and how to meet challenges. Sarah graduated from Marquette University with a degree in communications and worked in finance, sales and retail. She also started her own matchmaking business.

The two women tested out their business plan by holding slime workshops at the Little Beans Cafe. They were a huge success! Kids had lots of slime and tools available to them—maybe more than their parents would be able or willing to invest in individually—and they learned new slime techniques. Parents could leave all the mess behind. Seriously Slime outgrew Little Beans, and Sarah and Shannon opened their first space solely dedicated to their new business. And then they had two locations.

Seriously Slime Shark Tank set

Seriously Slime parties are led by specially trained Slime Masters who know all the tips and tricks of slime and make sure everyone has a fun hands-on experience. They have all the supplies and all the space needed for your child’s party or a girls’ night out. They invite businesses to use slime as a team-building exercise. They offer in-store parties, or they will bring the party to you.

Sarah and Shannon also sell slime supplies, both in their retail locations and on their website.

Seriously Slime Shark Tank party

Do-It-Yourself customized kits contain four high-quality slimes:

  • Choose the type of slime: butter, soft and stretchy; cloud, super stretchy and so light it will melt in your hand; and fluffy, which is (of course) fluffy and non-sticky.
  • Choose your colors: blue, green, pink, purple, red and yellow.
  • Choose your scent: cherry, cotton candy, grape, lavender and vanilla.

The kit also contains everything you need to slime: glue, shaving cream, activator, storage bowl, stirrer, foam beads, glitter, and a charm.

Sarah and Shannon are looking into opening shops in malls and expanding their line of slime supplies. They are also planning to franchise the business.

UPDATE: The Seriously Slime website is no longer available. This company may be out of business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 04/10/20 – Season 11 – Episode 19





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