Sparketh Online Art Courses

Sparketh takes art education to another level, one where any young person, regardless of financial or geographical limitations, can explore their creativity and receive professional artistic instruction on a virtual platform.

Sparketh is a subscription service for online art courses. Users aged 6 to 18 can access courses from more than 1,000 videos—as many as they want for as long as they want. They can choose the level (beginner, intermediate, advanced); the type of lesson (activity, challenge, project, creative, technical); the length of time involved; the medium; and the teacher (all professional art instructors). In addition to the courses, they can download images, projects, designs, and course outlines.

Sparketh is a perfect at-home art curriculum, whether users are homeschooled or go to a private, public or online school. A great advantage is that they can work at their own pace—no deadlines, no structured class time, no anxiety-producing report cards. They can participate for as long as they want—or as little. Leave a lesson at any point and return later to pick up right where they left off.

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The Sparketh team believes, “You never know who someone could be if they were to become the most creative version of themselves.” And their mission is to make that possible by

  • “sparking,” inspiring, creativity, including in those youngsters who do not think of themselves as creative;
  • nurturing that “spark” by providing the resources needed to foster and improve artistic skills; and
  • aiding in the empowerment of creative individuals and in promoting the importance of creativity to a well-rounded education.

The Sparketh Team

Dwayne Walker, Co-founder and CEO, loved art from his earliest memory. There was no money for art lessons when he was a child, so he taught himself how to draw and became good enough to enter (and win) local, statewide and national competitions. While still young, he met other kids who never had the advantage of art lessons and resolved back then to find a way to make art lessons affordable and accessible. He is the visionary at Sparketh.

Tim Samuel, Co-founder and Vice President, began filming and editing engaging and inspiring videos from a young age. He is logical and practical and takes Dwayne’s “fanciful” ideas and breaks them down into doable tasks. He is adept at producing videos that teach complex ideas in easy to understand steps and keeps everything working smoothly behind the scenes.

Enkose Plummer, Chief Marketing Officer, is up-to-the minute on Internet trends, the latest and greatest apps, and social media platforms—quite a package when added to his experience in public relations and marketing. Sparketh fits right in with his interests in painting, dancing, singing, acting, and music. He connects with the users to get to know them and inspire them.

The Sparketh Community

One of the many benefits of youngsters being involved with the arts is having a “tribe.” We hear about tribes these days from Instagram influencers to A-list celebrities to tech millionaires. Everyone wants a strong network of like-minded individuals who accept and support them. They want a place where they feel comfortable, where they belong.

In-person classes or workshops, local volunteer projects, art camps, online communities—all places where youngsters can connect with peers, art teachers and mentors to share their love of art and their experiences.

Sparketh has its own built-in “tribe.” The Sparketh Community is free to all, even those who do not subscribe to the program. Art-loving youngsters from around the world participate in art discussions, encourage and inspire each other, and share their work. Each month, there is an art challenge with art-themed prizes. It’s a safe space monitored by a Sparketh professional art instructor. And there is no snark allowed! It’s a perfect example of “If you can’t say something nice, . . . .”

Sparketh Recognitions

  • 2nd in Start Up Feasibility and 3rd in best Long Term Potential in Kennesaw State University’s 2014 Concept-2-Reality Business Plan Competition
  • 2015 Start Up To Watch at the Business Person of the Year Awards ceremony
  • Top 10 in 2016 KSU Top 100 Business Plan Competition

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