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Anyone under the impression that Fantasy Sports is just a minor interest of solitary geeks needs to consider these statistics. According to Fantasy Sports Gaming Association (FSGA), in 2017 there were 59.3 million people playing fantasy sports in the USA and Canada. Fantasy Sports include basketball and soccer, but football is the most popular, involving over 70% of the total players. In 2015, Fantasy Football was an $18.6 billion market, higher than the estimated NFL revenue for that year!

Trophy Smack Shark Tank

Dax Holt and Matt Walsh are both fantasy sports players. (They would probably admit to being fantasy sports addicts!) They enjoyed celebrating their victories with gusto. But often the trophies that leagues use are old fashioned and very boring!

Dax had 14 years of experience in the entertainment industry as a producer, reporter, writer, and on-camera expert for some of the top pop culture websites and TV shows in the business. Matt had founded and successfully exited four start-ups. Combining their enthusiasm for fantasy sports with their entrepreneurial drive, in 2017 they founded TrophySmack.

Trophy Smack Shark Tank 3

TrophySmack is a e-commerce business that provides unique and customizable products, such as trophies, rings, and championship belts. All of the designs are done in-house, as well as the manufacturing and logistics. Dax and Matt came up with an innovative concept–the “Swap Top.” This unique topper can be updated yearly, and the previous year’s winner can keep the top as a lasting souvenir of their awesome victory!

In addition to the unique tops, the trophies can be customized by choice of four anodized metal column colors and sizes between 26″-56″ for over 1000 unique fantasy trophy combinations. Trophy Smack started producing items only for football leagues, but has recently added baseball, basketball and soccer trophies, and they plan to include additional sports, such as golf and hockey in the near future.

Their motto is: “Level up your Fantasy Smack Talk with Trophy Smack today.” No doubt they are hoping for some Shark Smack Talk after their appearance in the Tank.

Shark Tank Air Date: 1/8/21 – Season 12 – Episode 9





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