Voyage Air Fold Up Guitar

Guitars feel right at home on the road or around a campfire, but guitars aren’t exactly built for travel. Even with a travel case, guitars are inconvenient to carry more than a short distance and public transportation is a nightmare. It’s even worse if you’re flying. Many guitarists have arrived at their destination only to find that their guitar was stolen, damaged or completely destroyed.

The Voyage-Air Guitar has completely eliminated the hassle by creating a guitar that folds completely in half. Once folded, the guitar slips into a custom carrying case that is the size of a standard backpack. Just throw your guitar on your back and you can easily take it on a hike, on a bike or put it in the overhead compartment of an airplane.

Shark Tank products voyage air guitar fold up guitar

This portability doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the instrument either. These guitars look and sound incredible. This isn’t a “travel” guitar. While travel guitars are compact and designed for the road, their small design limits their acoustical abilities. The Voyage-Air is a full-size guitar with a sound on par with any name-brand guitar in the same price range.

Guitarists, who are notoriously picky about their instruments, are saying things like “This is myfirst non-Martin guitar, and I am blown away by it” and “I was looking specifically for a guitar I could take with me on vacation. Looked at the back packer, baby Taylor and other smaller guitars; all of those sounded like crap. This is a legit guitar that sounds just as good or better than any other guitar in that price range.”

Shark Tank products voyage air guitar

When you need portability, don’t settle for the tinny sound and questionable build quality of a crummy travel guitar. Get the Voyage-Air Guitar that was designed for the mobile guitarist and doesn’t sacrifice sound or quality.

Shark Tank Air Date: 8/23/2009 – Season 1 – Episode 3




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