MyoStorm Therapeutic Massage Ball

Jonothan “Jono” DiPeri and Shaquille Walker founded MyoStorm with a mission to help people play their best, feel their best, and live their best life. For their flagship product, the Meteor, they worked with engineers, exercise scientists, physical therapists and athletes to conceive and design the world’s most advanced solution to muscular recovery and chronic pain management by combining vibration and heat in one device.

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The Meteor improves circulation and mobilizes deep soft tissue to release tension, increase flexibility and muscle performance and, in general, aid in relaxation. There are three settings for vibration intensity and two settings for degree of heat, allowing you to have full control depending on your needs. The ball is four inches in diameter and weighs less than two pounds—the perfect size to target specific muscle trigger points and acupressure points on any area of the body for anyone who wants relief from pain. And you can pick it up and take it anywhere.

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Jono and Shaquille met when they were missionaries for their church. During their two years in England, they often bounced around ideas for new inventions, but never followed through. After the mission, Jono studied mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University and began research on what would eventually be the Meteor. He reached out to Shaquille, who had interrupted his studies of kinesiology and exercise science at BYU to become a world-class professional runner after setting multiple records in the 800 meter while a student. As a professional, Shaquille saw first-hand the inadequacy of the best muscular recovery devices at that time, and he now wanted to be part of the solution to improve injury prevention and recovery for athletes.

The two worked with Jonathan Blotter, professor of mechanical engineering, and Brent Feland, professor of exercise science and a physical therapist, to understand how vibration and heat affect the human body and how to get them into one portable device. The two professors continue to work on R&D for MyoStorm, along with Jared Ward, a professor of statistics at BYU, a professional marathon runner and one of the highest American Olympic marathon finishers ever. In addition to being part of the R&D team, Jared is a brand ambassador and has introduced the Meteor to the elite runners of the world.

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The Meteor has been well received as a new invention. The team received a $3,000 I-Corps grant from the National Science Foundation and $2,000 and third place out of 34 teams at the BYU Student Innovator of the Year competition and were in the top 16 of the New Venture Challenge, one of the nation’s premier business launch programs for students.

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