Coverplay – Play Yard Slip Cover

Every mother appreciates having a clean, safe space for their child to play.  A portable play yard or playpen often fits the bill.  Unfortunately since they come in direct contact with toddlers, playpens get spilled, dripped and drooled on, and incur any number of other indignities. Suffice it to say that this particular piece of furniture gets very dirty and is also hard to clean.

Enter Coverplay, a soft washable playpen cover which can be removed for easy cleaning. Mother’s love this unique weapon in the war on germs.  When it gets dirty, simply pop it in the washer and before long your playpen is clean and germ free once again.

While Coverplay protects the playpen and makes it easier to clean, it also protects your child from unhygienic conditions. Have you ever rented a play yard from a hotel or seen those supplied at daycare? Slip you’re Coverplay over the surface and your worries are gone.

Offered in a variety of styles, the fabric is durable yet soft to baby’s touch.  These super slipcovers are  also designed with Mom in mind.  With a choice of 20 different patterns and colors, one is sure to fit into your décor.

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