Diaper Dust Deodorizing Powder

As much as a parent might love caring for their child, even including changing diapers, they certainly don’t love the smell of a loaded diaper. Sometimes even double bagging and fragrance sprayed into the diaper pail doesn’t help much.

Regina Crisci is a nurse who had worked in Level 1 trauma centers, hospitals and nursing homes. She certainly wasn’t a stranger to some bad smells. But when she had her son in 2018, she encountered a new level of smell, describing his diapers as “fierce!” No matter what she did, every time she opened the diaper pail, the odors were overwhelming.

Diaper Dust Deodorizing Powder Shark Tank Founder

One day when Regina came home from work and found that her babysitter had put the diapers on the porch, she knew a better solution to the smell problem was necessary. Regina experimented with many available products, but couldn’t find an adequate solution. So, she became determined to create one. Eventually she mixed activated charcoal and sodium bicarbonate, and that did the trick!

In January of 2021, she decided that other parents would probably be interested in purchasing her product. Regina began researching branding, marketing, and business tax requirements. In July 2021, she consulted with a patent attorney and established A Parent Company, LLC. In December of 2021 Diaper Dust was launched.

Diaper Dust Deodorizing Powder Shark Tank 2

Diaper Dust comes in powder form and is sprinkled into the diaper before putting it in the diaper pail. The powder neutralizes the odor. In order to help parents who may not be able to afford diapers, the company holds “Flash Donation” events, raising money for diaper banks in various locations. They also donate money directly to these diaper banks, based on the number of bottles sold.

Regina says that her experience in establishing her company and bringing Diaper Dust to market has taught her that no matter what the universe throws at you, even including a pandemic, if you truly want to do something, you can. But, she emphasizes, you can’t just want something to happen, you have to work for it!

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