Dingle Dangle Baby Toy Headband

When it comes to parenting, a little innovation can go a long way. This is precisely what Stewart Gold and his business partner Mark Hamilton demonstrated with their creation, the Dingle Dangle. Combining practicality with a touch of whimsy, this product is designed to make the often-challenging task of diaper changing more manageable and enjoyable for both parents and babies.

Dingle Dangle Baby Toy Headband Shark Tank 2

The concept for the Dingle Dangle was born out of Mark Hamilton’s real-life struggle while changing his daughter’s diaper at an airport. Facing a wriggling and upset baby, Mark realized the need for a distraction tool to ease the process. Teaming up with Stewart Gold, an American residing in the apartment above him and a former lawyer, the two dads set out to create a solution. Their invention not only aims to distract babies during diaper changes but also serves as a versatile toy​​​​.

The Dingle Dangle, often humorously described as the “ultimate parenting hack,” is essentially a colorful, octopus-like mobile that a parent wears on their head. This eye-catching design is not just for laughs; it’s a thoughtfully created tool that transforms into a portable mobile, a pufferfish rattle, and a silicon teether. Featuring a sensory stick with three different fabrics, the Dingle Dangle engages babies in various ways, promoting cognitive development and parent-child bonding​​​​.

Mark and Stewart went through numerous iterations and prototypes, experimenting with everyday items like coat hangers and GoPro straps, to develop the final product. Their journey wasn’t without challenges, but their commitment led to the creation of a sleek and functional toy. It reflects a blend of practicality and playfulness, inspired by the art deco style of Stewart’s hometown, Miami Beach, Florida​​​​.

Dingle Dangle Baby Toy Headband Shark Tank 3

The Dingle Dangle quickly captured the attention of parents, and its quirky design has made it a conversation starter. Garnering positive reviews from various press outlets and parenting platforms, the product has been praised for its interactivity and educational value. A successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo further validated its appeal, with the project surpassing its funding goal​​​​.

The Dingle Dangle stands out for its unique approach to a common parenting challenge. It offers a fun and interactive way to keep babies engaged during diaper changes, reducing stress for both the child and the parent. Its multifunctionality as a toy and its developmental benefits make it a valuable addition to any parent’s toolkit.


Shark Tank Air Date: 1/12/2024 – Season 15 – Episode 10




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