Dreamland Baby Weighted Blanket

Tara Williams and her husband Rob needed sleep. So did Luke. At six months old, Luke still was not sleeping through the night. It made for grumpy parents and grumpy baby. Luke was their fourth child, and they had never had to deal with this before. One night, while watching TV with Luke fussing alongside of her, Tara placed a heavy throw blanket on him. He calmed down and went to sleep! It was an aha moment for Tara—Luke needed a weighted blanket.

Tara scoured the Internet and found weighted blankets for adults, older kids, even dogs and cats, but nothing for babies. Fortunately, Ron’s mother is a seamstress. Tara got together with her and the result was a wearable weighted blanket. The very first night, Luke slept for 12 hours! Orders poured in as soon as family and friends heard about the blanket, and Tara found herself with a business, Dreamland Baby. She was well prepared with a degree in Finance from Bentley University and a certificate in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing from Stanford University, as well as her professional experience in marketing and sales.

Tara researched clinical studies demonstrating that weighted blankets are safe for newborns. She collaborated with pediatricians, Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) nurses and Certified Sleep Consultants in designing the Dreamland Weighted Sack. Safety was her absolute priority: The blanket exceeds all US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards plus every optional test available. The tests included those for lead, phalates, color fastness, flammability, thermal transmittance, sharp edges and points, and any suffocation hazards.

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The 100% soft, natural cotton provides overall temperature regulation of the fabric. A two-way zipper allows for easy access when a diaper needs to be changed. The gentle, comforting weight (only on the front of the blanket) comes from the non-toxic poly pellet beads that are evenly distributed from shoulders to toes and cannot work their way out of the fabric or bunch up. Babies feel as though they are being hugged! The deep touch stimulation provided by the weight increases serotonin (the natural “happy chemical”); increases melatonin (a hormone that tells the body it’s time to go to sleep); and decreases cortisol (the stress hormone that gets the heart pumping faster and boosts energy).

Baby sleeps better and longer whether during the night or a daytime nap.

There are three sizes:

  • 0-6 months is 26” shoulder to toe for babies 8 lbs.+.*
  • 6-12 months is 30” shoulder to toe for babies 15 lbs.+.
  • 12-22 months is 34” shoulder to toe for babies 20 lbs.+.

* The 0-6 months size comes with an ingenious detachable swaddle wing that eases the transition from the womb and can be removed if baby begins to roll over before six months old.

The “thermal overall grade” (TOG) for the Dreamland Baby Weighted Sack is 0.6 on a scale of 0-6. The significance of that rating is that the fabric, lightweight, breathable cotton, is on the lighter side of the scale, which allows for the sack to be paired with, say, a onesie in warm weather or heavier long-sleeve pajamas in cool weather, so that baby is comfortable no matter the time of year.


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