Fohawx Bicycle Helmets

Fohawx was a line a children’s bicycle helmets with colorful, interchangeable, decorative mohawks. The company was founded by Jocelyn Fine, a former business development consultant for Toys R Us, and coworker Kelly Dineen, who worked on the visual merchandising management team.

The product was inspired by Jocelyn’s children who didn’t want to wear their helmets. To make her son’s helmet more fun to wear, Jocelyn created a paper mohawk and glued it across the top. The simple addition transformed his helmet into something he was exited to wear and show off. The partners refined the design and created the FoHawx line, which were attached and removed using a velcro strip, allowing kids to collect styles and swap Fohawx with their friends.

Fohawx Bicycle Helmets Shark Tank Set

Fohawx were sold in dozens of specialty stores but sales were slow and the business was closed a year after appearing on Shark Tank.

Fohawx is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 12/6/2013 – Season 5 – Episode 11