Hatch Baby Smart Baby Changing Pad

When a baby enters your life it’s an awesome thing, but it can also be terrifying. You realize this small bundle of humanity is completely at your mercy, and is dependent on you for its very life. That’s why the Smart Changing Pad is such a great idea — it uses 21st century technology to help you track your baby’s feedings, sleep, length, and weight with accuracy and ease.

How it Works:
The Smart Changing Pad is equipped with micro sensors in its base that can register the slightest change in a newborn’s weight, movement, length, etc. The numbers are tracked on an easy to read digital touchscreen display that registers how much your baby is drinking at every feeding, weight changes, sleeping time, growth, and even diaper changes — all valuable information for parents and pediatricians! The digital technology means that you can share your baby’s information across multiple devices, through the Hatch app for iPhone or Android smartphone.

The Smart Changing Pad gives every parent vital information about their baby’s health in real time, and it takes a lot of the anxiety out of those first few months when you want to make sure your baby is on a path to good health. It comes with a changing pad base, quilted pad, touchscreen display, safety strap, and four C batteries. The dimensions are 31 x 15 x 3.5 inches, which means it fits standard changing pad tables. The Smart Changing Pad weighs only 9 pounds, so it’s very portable. It comes in four colors, and is made of machine-washable polyester microfiber, and ABS plastic. It’s also BPA and phthalate free.

Hatch Update

Sales increased dramatically after Shark Tank. Hatch expanded their product line to include sleep aid devices for adults and changed their name from Hatch Baby to Hatch. New products include Hatch Restore and Hatch Rest (app-enabled sunrise alarm clock, bedside light, and white noise machine), and Hatch Cloud Pillow (memory foam pillows). The original baby changing pads are no longer produced.

In 2019, Amazon invested in Hatch and integrated their products with Alexa voice search and their now defunct Baby Skill Activity API, which monitored and tracked your baby’s activities including sleep, feeding, weight and diaper changes.

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