InchBug Orbit Label Name Bands

The Original Orbit Label is an easy solution for labeling bottles, sippy cups, and other containers with your child’s name. Say goodbye to “permanent” markers that aren’t so permanent, and stickers that just peel off in the washing machine.

Orbit Labels are non-adhesive, reusable, and personalized, and easy to use – just stretch them around any container like a rubber band. They’re ideal for school, daycare, church, parties, and any time you have groups of kids together. These make a great gift for baby showers and toddlers’ birthdays but they’re also great for labeling shampoo bottles and other toiletries for older kids in camp or college.

Orbit Labels were invented out of necessity by a mom. They fit beautifully on traditional 4oz. baby bottles, including Playtex and Gerber and can stretch to work with a variety of larger containers like sippy cups and sports bottles.

InchBug was founded in 2004, when they introduced their Orginal Orbit Labels, and has since grown into an extensive line of products for toddlers, infants and kids including bath toys, blankets, clothing, potty training, books, stroller accessories and much more. Orbit Labels have been featured in national parenting magazines and received numerous awards and accolades for innovation and practicality.

Orbit Labels are made of an FDA approved non-toxic elastomeric material in the same class as those used in pacifiers and baby bottle nipples. They’re extremely durable so they will last practically forever and can stand up to repeated dishwashing, boiling, and microwaving.

They’re customizable with your child’s name and your contact info. You can even add your child’s photo to help caregivers or teachers identify them in a group. The photo also means small children that can’t yet read their names can also recognize their bottle.

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