Pluie Self-sanitizing Diaper Changing Table

Robert Moses was a renowned urban planner and visionary in New York City, one of the most accomplished and influential individuals in the grand scheme of the city’s development. In 1929, while planning and constructing Jones Beach State Park, he envisioned and actualized clean, convenient rooms for mothers to change their babies. Not exactly an idea that took off. It wasn’t until the mid-1980s that the wall-mounted changing table was invented for public restrooms. The design of the tables has largely remained the same since then. You might be forced to use tables not sufficiently sanitized, are hard on baby’s bottom, or have missing or broken safety straps. Sometimes it feels better to just go back to the car to change a diaper.

Now we have Pluie, the first and only self-sanitizing diaper changing table for public restrooms. The innovative technology and sleek design result in the cleanest, healthiest, safest, most comfortable and dependable public changing table.

Addie Gundry, Brittany Hizer

Pluie Founders: Addie Gundry and Brittany Hizer

Addie was a well-known chef in restaurants in California and New York. She appeared on The Food Network, authored cookbooks, and designed food and beverage products for various high-profile clients. When she became a mother and encountered the unpleasant state of too many changing tables, she set down her Yoshihiro knives and turned toward solving the changing table problem.

Brittany designed exercise equipment for health clubs and fitness centers. After earning an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, she became president of Crestliner Boats. She, like Addie, was dismayed by the unacceptable conditions of many changing tables. In a brilliant display of serendipity, Addie and Brittany met, and not long after, they were developing the Pluie.

Pluie Diaper Changing Table Shark Tank 2

Pluie Features

The patented UV-C light system kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses, including E. coli, influenza and the coronavirus. It is the same technology that hospitals use to sterilize surfaces in patient rooms. The light system is behind a protection panel and only turns on when the changing table is closed.

After each use, the light sanitizes the table for 60 seconds. During that time, a bright blue LED (light-emitting diode) indicates the table is being sanitized, and the table is not to be opened until the LED goes out.

Note: A non-UV table is available for restrooms that do not have access to electricity.

The gas-assisted spring top opens and closes easily with one hand with stainless steel handles, which provide a place to hang a diaper bag or purse to keep it off the floor and your hands free.

The changing table is large enough to keep the wipes, ointment, powder, etc. and has a super-plush cushion that is water-resistant and leakproof.

The security strap is retractable so that it is always clean and never missing, broken or frayed.

Pluie meets all performance and standards for children’s products and UV-C light products, including ASTM, CPSIA, FCC, UL 1431 requirements and it is ADA compliant.

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Pluie Specifications

  • Uses a 120 volt circuit in the United States
  • 38 inches wide, 24 inches high, 4 inches deep closed, 24 inches deep when open.
  • Designed for children up to 3 ½ years old and who weigh less than 50 pounds
  • Handles can accommodate 25 pounds total


  • Front and back panels: thermoformed and injection molded PC/ABS
  • Cushion: polyurethane
  • Frame, handles, hinges: stainless steel.

Pluie Installation

The wall mounting is similar to a TV wall mount. It is easy to install, takes about 30 minutes, but needs to be done by a certified electrician.

Pluie Diaper Changing Table Shark Tank 4

Way to Go, Pluie!

  • Won the Fast Company 2021 World Changing Idea.
  • Winner of the 21st Annual Chicago Innovation Awards—awards given in recognition of new products and services in the Chicago region.
  • Named as one of TIME Magazine Best Inventions.
  • Grand Prize winner of Wintrust Business Spotlight, a pitch competition that awards promotional opportunities, business resources, and the chance to pitch to local venture capitalists and business leaders. Prizes also include pairing with a mentor, MBA scholarships and throwing out the first pitch at a Chicago Cub game—a dream come true for avid fan Addie!

Shark Tank Air Date: 03/10/2023 – Season 14 – Episode 16




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