PullyPalz – Interactive Pacifier Toy

For many parents, taking their infant in the car can be tricky. They often don’t enjoy being in their car seat for extended periods and some infants don’t like the motion of the car at all.

Pacifiers and toys are great at keeping them happy, then baby drops the pacifier and chaos ensues. You try to reach around your seat, but that doesn’t work so you have to find somewhere to stop the car. You get out and find the pacifier, get baby settled, and then get back in the car and on the road again.

PullyPalz is an innovative car seat toy that makes sure you never have to deal with this issue again.

PullyPalz is a cute plush animal that attaches to the handle of any infant carrier car seat, stroller or bouncy seat. The toy is equipped with pulley system that loops through the arms of the stuffed animal with a pacifier or toy on each end.

When baby drops her pacifier, there’s another one hanging from the other arm of the stuffed animal that they can grab. When they pull this pacifier down, it pulls up the other pacifier that was just lost. It always keeps a pacifier in view and in reach.

Not only does this save you from searching for the original pacifier, it’s also a great learning toy that promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development. PullyPalz are available in three cute animal designs that your baby will love. Don’t play the game of pacifier hide and seek.

*Update: PullyPalz is no longer in business.

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