Roominate sets come with everything your kids need to build complex working constructions with electrical components like spinning windmills, moving elevators, lights, fans, and more. Time Magazine’s #1 Toy of the Year in 2014, Roominate offers creative hands-on fun, and encourages interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. Available through retailers like Toys R Us, Wal-mart, and Radio Shack and online on Amazon, this engaging toy will inspire the next generation of inventors and entrepreneurs.

Created by two women who credit construction toys in their own childhood as their inspiration to become engineers, Roominate is primarily targeted towards young girls with the mission of empowering the next generation of female engineers and innovators. The open-ended play helps exercise creative minds, build confidence, planning and motor skills.

Think back to your childhood. What were your favorite toys? Did any of those toys influence your success today?

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