Sealed By Santa Letters

Ghostwriter and entrepreneur Sarah Blain pitches her family operated business, Sealed By Santa, on Episode 11, Season 8. Sealed By Santa creates and mails customized letters to your children from Santa, on his official North Pole stationary.

Each letter has 17 personalized touches including your child’s name, 3 of their recent accomplishments, the names of their friends or siblings, the city they will celebrate christmas in, a customs PS message, and more. The letters are signed by Santa and are sealed with his Official Wax Seal, so kids will know they’re legit. The envelopes are complete with his return address of 111 Candy Cane Lane, North Pole.


When you order a Sealed by Santa letter, you also get two videos from Santa, one video encouraging your kids behave (since he’s always watching), and one to play the night before Christmas. Your child will even get a Merry Christmas phone call from the man himself.

They also offer a variety of other Santa paraphernalia like their Santa Evidence Kit for proof that he was there, or Santa’s Magical Key to explain how he gets in if there’s no chimney. Need some reindeer food? They have that too (top secret recipe, but actually edible). While you’re at it, grab an official Nice List Certificate as a reward for being good all year and staying off that naughty list.

Shark Tank Air Date: 12/9/16 – Season 8 – Episode 11




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