Sliimey Honey Slime

Slime was first made for children. It came in a plastic trash can and was squishy, oozy and a putrid color of green. Kids loved it. Then adults caught on. The slime feels so good—smashing it, stretching it, pounding it, poking it, letting the goo flow through your fingers. It’s good to feel like a kid again; it’s even better to feel the release of that build up of anxiety and stress that goes with being an adult today. Sliimey Honey takes us back to those halcyon days of childhood when we played outside and made mud cakes and played with sticks and leaves and pine cones. Now we can get those sensations without going outside and without making a mess.

Mark Lin

Mark Lin makes Sliimey Honey as a sensory delight for adults. It comes in dazzling colors and clever designs, so pleasing to our eyes, and makes fun sounds that we want to hear over and over again. The many natural scents not only are pleasant but also are a form of aromatherapy for our weary souls. And there is, of course, all that smashing and pounding our troubles away and being entranced with the various textures of slime.

One warning: the only sense that doesn’t come into play is taste. Sliimey Honey is not edible. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Mark first created Sliimey Honey when he was in high school. He started in a storage room in his parents’ home, with their investment of $200, and with little to no business experience. Just like so many other entrepreneurs, Mark found more time to devote to his business during the COVID pandemic. He became a regular slime-producing machine, and in July 2020, he joined TikTok to promote his business. He was an instant media sensation. He has 800,000 followers across social media and has sold thousands of Sliimey Honey to customers around the globe.

Sliimey Honey Texture

Cloud Cream
Creamy and inflatable—the more you play with it, the bigger it gets from the air trapped into the slime. It makes wonderful swirls and pops.

Limon Sorbet is a plush, pillowy texture with the scent of a frozen margarita and a lime charm and sprinkles.

Cloud Dough
Heavier than Cloud Cream due to the addition of air-dried clay, the dough-like texture is spreadable. Stretching Cloud Dough is an especially good exercise for the hands and arms.

Birthday Cake Batter fluffs way up and smells likes sweet cake batter and vanilla. It is topped off rainbow sprinkles and a cherry charm.

Thick & Glossy
Popular due to the way it pops and makes bubbles. It is especially “poke-able.”

Sakura Silk is a glossy pink with the scent of cherry blossoms. It comes with a hat charm, cow charm and flowers.

Ice Cream
Dense, thick and crumbles when you stretch it for the ice cream look.

Cookie Monster Ice Cream smells like a chocolate chip cookie and is topped with Cookie Monster sprinkles.

Crunchy slime is packed with foam beads for its amazingly slow stretches.

Bejeweled was inspired by Taylor Swift’s song, “Bejeweled.” It is a super crunchy teal adorned with pearls and green sprinkles and smells like green tea.

Made with lots of plastic snow so that it is easy to hold onto. The sand-like texture also makes the greatest sizzle sounds when stretched.

Potato Crisps, unscented, is topped with clay potato chips and black glitter. Mix the glitter into the slime and watch it super inflate, fluff up and sizzle.

Floam is a combination of slime and poly-fil microbeads. It sticks to almost anything for decoration but is easily removed.

Buttered Popcorn smells just like buttered popcorn! It’s popcorn yellow with a popcorn charm and mini fake corn pieces for decoration.

DIY Clay
Comes with a clay topper sculpted into shapes such as sports balls, toys, animals, etc. Mush the clay into the slime and make, for instance, glossy slime more like butter. Or a cloud into cloud dough.

Hot Fudge Brownie smells just like a hot fudge brownie! Comes with a brownie clay piece, nut sprinkles, and hot fudge syrup slime to decorate and assemble the slime yourself.

Mark is continually adding to his ultra-creative slime inventory. New Sliimey Honey drop every Saturday at 11 a.m. Pacific Time.

Sliimeyhoney Slime Shark Tank 3

Sliimey Honey Care

Your slime may arrive sticky, deflated or hard. It’s simply the nature of slime.

  • If sticky, make an activator by dissolving borax in cup of warm water. Add small amounts at a time to the slime (a little goes a very long way) and knead until you achieve your desired consistency. Save the activator for future use.
  • If stiff, add a few pumps of lotion or glue and knead until desired consistency.
  • If hard, it’s likely due to cold temperatures. If so, place the sealed slime jar in a tub of warm water for a few minutes.

When not in use, keep Sliimey Honey in an airtight container or it will dry out.

Wash your hands before and after playing with slime.

Keep slime away from your clothes and furniture.

Again, Sliimey Honey is not edible.

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