SnoofyBee Diaper Changing Pad

Now a family of five, SnoofyBee’s founders Michael and Amy Perry’s struggle with diaper changing started with their first child. “The minute his diaper came off, both little hands shot down to investigate,” the couple writes on their website. After searching for products to prevent this kind of exploration, Michael and Amy couldn’t come up with anything that did the trick until the same difficulty with their second son sparked a revelation. They used a family sewing machine (thanks Grandma!) and got to work on Snoofybee, just in time for their first daughter to be born. After dozens of attempts and prototypes, Michael and Amy finally found the perfect design that made changing easy and keep everything where it was supposed to be.

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SnoofyBee is a hassle-free solution that keeps germs and distractions away from babies while they are being changed. No more struggling against their curiosity, no more risk for mishaps or irritations. For those who have their own wiggle worms in the household, they can rest assured SnoofyBee’s easy-to-clean and effective cone-shaped barrier can keep their little ones pacified and germ-free while mom or dad gets down to business. Babies will get a comfy changing pad and a makeshift play area to hang their favorite toys above, and everything folds up into a fashionable clutch for mom or dad to carry once the task is completed.

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This couple has grown SnoofyBee from a side business to a bustling operation thanks in part to Michael’s professional experience. Before he was a successful entrepreneur with SnoofyBee, Michael worked with dozens of small businesses as a shipping and logistics consultant, where he learned how to market and distribute products across the country. Michael’s knowledge and personable people skills undoubtedly transferred over into SnoofyBee’s success as a marketable product with parent-friendly customer service.

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With the help of Funded Today, the most successful crowdfunding agency for aspiring entrepreneurs, Michael and Amy launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and raised over $120,000 for their product. SnoofyBee’s “clean hands changing pad” is a great example of the American Dream, proving parents can create their own entrepreneurial destiny if they apply their skills and think outside the changing table.

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