Squeeky Knees – Knee Pads for Toddlers

It’s such a fun time when your baby begins to crawl. She stops being stationary and begins exploring the world around her. However, many homes todays have little carpet and a lot of hardwood and tile. This hard flooring is hard on baby’s knees making her less interested in crawling, not to mention the fact that it wears out the knees in her clothing quicker.

There’s nothing more important to a parent that keeping their kids safe. It’s painful to see the joy of crawling stifled by red, sore knees. There are baby knee pads on the market, but most don’t work very well. They don’t stay in place and they’re not very comfortable for baby.

Squeeky Knees improves on other baby knee pads in every way. Squeeky Knees are soft squeaky pants for babies on the go. They’re comfortable, durable and have a fun squeaker inside. So, every time she crawls the knee pads squeak. As a parent, you can be sure that her knees are protected, she’ll have a blast and the little squeaks also let you know if she crawls off while your back is turned.

Squeeky Knees come with the knee pads built right into the leggings, with cute designs for boys and girls. Since the knee pads are built into the leggings, the pads stay right where they need to be. The knees are built out of a durable material that will outlast even the most aggressive little crawlers. They can be used on tile, wood and even concrete.

Squeeky Knees help with more than just crawling. Once baby begins walking, they continue to provide a little extra padding to protect your little one from bumps and scrapes. With sizes up to 18 months available, they’ll last until she is firm and stable on her feet.

UPDATE: Squeeky Knees is out of business

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