Squid Socks Baby Socks That Won’t Fall Off

Squid Socks are baby and toddler socks decorated with colorful, whimsical squid. Very cute. But the “Wow!” part of them is that they will not fall off. Really. The socks have “squiddy dots” on the inside of the cuffs: silicone dots, like a squid’s suction cups, that gently hold the socks on and make it near-impossible for children to pull them off. Toddler sizes also have silicone grips on the bottom of the socks to prevent slips and falls.

From the beginning, Jessica and Gabe Miller had planned on being entrepreneurs. And why not? The two are brimming over with experience, ingenuity and energy. Jessica, Alpha Squid and President of Squid Socks, with a degree in advertising and communication, had been successfully involved in various businesses, including her own. Gabe, Chief Technology Officer, is an Engineering Manager at Boeing with years of experience in product design and development.

The Millers had not been married long when they visited relatives to meet their adorable baby, whose socks kept falling off. The frustrated parents mumbled and grumbled: “Why can’t someone invent socks that stay on!” That was Jessica and Gabe’s “AHA!” moment. They immediately set out to fill a huge gap in the baby clothing market.

The patent-pending Squid Socks look, feel and wear like high-performance athletic socks. They are 87% polyester for a few reasons: polyester is moisture wicking, doesn’t shrink or wrinkle, absorbs shock, and is the proper composition for dye-sublimation, a new printing technology that imprints the design right onto the fabric fibers so that it cannot be scraped or washed away. Nylon (10%) gives the socks strength, durability, flexibility and stain resistance. Spandex (3%) gives them resilience and the ability to maintain the size and shape they were when new. As technology progresses, there will be additional fabric options and blends.

Squid Socks Baby Socks Shark Tank 2

The socks received the Children’s Product Safety Certificate. The silicone is 100% safe for children’s skin. Please note that some children are more sensitive than others. Keep an eye on your child’s skin when first wearing the socks. Also, the socks are not to be worn overnight.

Squid Socks are available in a variety of styles, fun designs and colors. The collections come in Boy, Girl and Gender Neutral. They can be found in Nordstrom and small boutiques and have been featured on ABC News, Today and Popsugar and in Parents, First Time Parent and Washington Parent magazines.

Jessica and Gabe seek out manufacturers that are compliant in both sustainability and employee working conditions, and they work with a US-based non-profit organization that provides vocational opportunities for people with disabilities. They are also dedicated to the conservation of squid and other ocean denizens and donate 10% of their profits to similarly minded organizations, particularly the Coral Reef Alliance.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 10/13/19 – Season 11 – Episode 3


Squid Socks Baby Socks Shark Tank 3

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