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Judy Abrahams was not making any progress toilet training her young daughter, Hayat. The problem was that Hayat was terrified of the toilet. Maybe that’s understandable. The toilet might look like the Grand Canyon to a toddler. And then there’s the loud flushing sound and the swirling water rushing down the drainpipe to gosh-knows-where. Who could blame a child for thinking, “Yikes, that could be me!”?

Hayat was pretty clever. She knew what she needed. She needed Mommy to have her back. She asked Judy to sit on the toilet with her. She felt safe and the toilet seat opening was smaller—she couldn’t fall in. But Judy still had to get her to sit on the toilet by herself. Always inventive, Judy put a cardboard box on the toilet seat and tied it to the tank. Hayat then had a smaller opening and her back supported without Mom. She was really happy—a big girl who could use the toilet by herself. Judy realized she was on to something. She founded her company, I Got Your Back Baby, and brought the Super Potty Trainer to market.

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Super Potty Trainer: Toilet Training Made Easy

The Super Potty Trainer is made with high-quality silicone shaped like half a top hat to reduce the size of the toilet seat opening and provide back support. The underside has non-slip pads to prevent it from slipping or moving. The Trainer is easy to install: Lift the toilet seat, place the Trainer on the rim of the bowl, and close the lid. It’s so simple that your child will learn how to do it himself. And your child will overcome the fear and become confident using an actual toilet.

Super Potty Trainer Features

  • Measures 6.9” long x 5.4” wide x 13.9” high
  • Suitable for a child up to 30 pounds
  • Can use on any toilet
  • No assembly required
  • Reduces the toilet seat opening two-thirds to half the size
  • Adjusts as your child grows
  • Easily wipes clean
  • 100% made in the USA

Judy found a manufacturer to make 400 Super Potty Trainers to sell on Amazon. She sold 383 of them, gave a few out around her neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona, to families in the midst of the “toilet training phase” and sent off a few to her native Colombia. The reviews were fantastic!

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The Super Potty Trainer Team

Judy moved to Arizona in 2000. She had a BS in economics from Universidad del Valle in Colombia. In Tucson, she received an Advanced Paralegal Certificate from Pima Community College and worked as a bilingual Criminal Paralegal and a Court Interpreter. In between her work, volunteer teaching and inventing, she occasionally takes the stage as a stand-up comedienne.

A few years after Judy first started her company, she met Christopher Guerrera on social media. He saw great possibilities in her invention. He showed it around and received very positive responses. He especially liked that kids tended to see it as a toy.

Chris is president and CEO of PACE (Productivity And Capacity Excellence) Systems based in South Carolina. PACE acts as a launching pad for startups. With the assistance of people skilled in sales, marketing, purchasing, operations and manufacturing, Chris brings products to market quickly and without wasted costs. Before PACE, Chris, a mechanical engineer with a degree from the University of New Hampshire, led companies such as BMW, Ford and Mack Truck in launching new products and rebranding the company. He also has a weekly podcast “Made in America.”

I Got Your Back Baby Gives Back

When Judy volunteered as a kindergarten Spanish teacher, she learned that change is more difficult for autistic children, including changing from a floor potty to a toilet. She donates Super Potty Trainers to the Autism Society of Southern Arizona who then passes them along to families who are potty training their children, who achieve the same level of success as other kids.

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