Surprise Ride Activity Kits for Kids

Surprise Ride was founded by sisters Donna & Rosy Khalife. They had grown up in a very creative home. They were fortunate to have a dad who was an artist and facilitated DIY activities for them to do. Having experienced tremendous economic hardship during their childhood, they never had the latest toys or gadgets. They had to find ways to entertain themselves through hands-on projects and experiments. Kids today are growing up differently and spending hours on end in front of screens. They wanted to help busy parents give their kids offline hands-on activities. Surprise Ride was born from this passion for DIY fun and exploration.

Surprise Ride Activity Kits For Kids Shark Tank 2

In hopes of delivering a monthly dose of play for their customers, Fat Brain Toys acquired Surprise Ride in 2018. The new mission is the same as the old mission: Foster creativity in kids and expand their horizons. Surprise Ride can solve the daily struggle parents face to get their kids off the screens and doing hands-on activities.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 11/15/2013 – Season 5 – Episode 9




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