The Fidget Game

The Fidget Game, a brainchild of Brandi Dugal, who has extensive international teaching experience, is an innovative educational tool designed to enhance reading skills in children from Pre-K to Grade 3. This game, which has made its way into over 50,000 schools, is not just another addition to the educational toy market but a scientifically backed, curriculum-aligned learning aid.

Rooted in the Science of Reading (SoR), The Fidget Game employs the Heart Word Method to teach children both decodable and non-decodable words. Decodable words are those that can be sounded out, while non-decodable words, also known as ‘heart words’, are those that children need to memorize. This distinction helps kids differentiate between words they can sound out and those they need to remember, fostering an understanding of language mechanics.

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The game’s structure is aligned with the US common core standards, featuring 220 sight words divided into packets for each grade level from Pre-K to Grade 3. Sight words, also known as Dolch words, are crucial in early education, comprising up to 75% of vocabulary in grade school reading material. For children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, mastery of these words is particularly beneficial, aiding in the development of reading and spelling skills.

The Fidget Game makes learning interactive and fun. It includes materials such as colorful fidget game mats, dice, and packets of sight words for each grade level, along with a set of instructions and a learning guide. The game’s design encourages children to play while learning, shifting their focus from electronic devices to educational activities.

Research underscores the efficacy of The Fidget Game. It employs a multisensory approach, engaging various senses to enhance memory retention and accuracy in recall. This method aligns with whole brain learning principles, indicating that using multiple senses during learning activities increases word recognition and improves memory.

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The game’s fun aspect is a significant draw for children. By integrating learning with play, it helps increase knowledge and understanding by 25%. The concept of game-based learning is not just about making education enjoyable but also about enhancing the effectiveness of the learning process.

Brandi Dugal’s journey in creating The Fidget Game was motivated by her experiences as an educator across various countries. She observed a common theme of stress associated with learning to read. This observation led her to develop a program that, within six months, saw 95% of her students reading at or above grade level.

The Fidget Game’s impact extends beyond individual classrooms. Through the Fidget Forward program, the company donates educational games to classrooms and school districts in need, reinforcing the belief that education is a fundamental human right.

The Fidget Game stands out as a multifaceted educational tool. It not only supports children in mastering essential sight words but also integrates the fun of gameplay into the learning process. This approach has been proven to significantly boost reading skills, comprehension, and confidence, making it a valuable resource for young learners, parents, and educators alike.

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