Bunch Bikes Electric Cargo Bikes for Families

Aaron Powell was on a family vacation in Sweden in 2016 when he first came across a new type of bike. Aaron had been a dedicated bike aficionado for most of his life, but he had never seen such a contraption!

Essentially a bicycle with a large compartment on the front, cargo bikes are somewhat of a combination made of a bicycle and a shopping cart on steroids. Aaron had always enjoyed taking his daughter on bike rides, but the cargo bike made it much easier and a lot more fun. Riding this way is also safer. Since the children are sitting in front of the parent rather than behind them, they can be supervised much more closely.

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After returning home to Denton, Texas, Aaron tried to find a similar bike, but was unsuccessful. Not only did he want to have one for himself, but also to promote interest in biking and duplicate some of the family biking culture he had experienced on his Sweden vacation. In 2017 he officially launched Bunch Bikes. The company has been funded primarily through family and angel investors.

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The Original Bunch Bike (its actual name!) was designed to carry up to four kids or a week’s worth of groceries. The second model, The K-9, was designed specifically with the family pet in mind. It holds two large dogs, and has a weight limit of 220 pounds. The floor is covered with a dog bed and one leash mount is installed with an adjustable double-clip leash (more can be added). This model also has a swing door on the front so even senior dogs can get in or out easily. Both of these models are available as either electric or non-electric bikes.

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The next model the company produced was the Preschool, an electric bike with cargo area that can hold up to six children and is perfect for daycare use. Finally, the top of the line is The Coupe. This model is Dutch-made, is available in four curated colors and is slim in design, enabling it to fit through standard doorways.

In 2020, Bunch Bikes upgraded their electric bikes by replacing the mechanical front brakes with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. Not only do the hydraulic brakes perform better, but they require less maintenance.

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Numerous accessories are available for all the models, including special child seats, front and rear bench seat cushions, iPhone and coffee cup holders, mirrors, and sun and rain covers. Custom vinyl wrap can be produced to enhance the bike’s looks, and are particularly useful when the bikes are used for business.

The pandemic caused some major problems for Bunch Bikes (as it did for so many), but Aaron says there is a silver lining. Interest is growing in family-friendly, and more green technology. Bunch Bikes fit perfectly into that interest.


Shark Tank Air Date: 3/26/21 – Season 12 – Episode 18




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